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  • Visit BioPAD, the follow up project to RASLRES!

    Visit BioPAD, the follow up project to RASLRES! BioPAD is promoting the wider use of bioenergy and developing applications targeting the whole process from supplying fuel to producing energy. By using bioenergy we unlock the potential of our local natural resources, provide jobs and stimulate our local economies, make ourselves fuel secure and reduce CO2 emissions. More »
  • RASLRES ESCO Model Contracts and Guidance Notes

    RASLRES ESCO Model Contracts and Guidance Notes The renewable heat market has the potential to create considerable employment and to provide long-term stable markets for low value wood fuels which can compete with fossil fuels and so reduce or fix energy prices for end users. In the course of the RASLRES project it was found that there was considerable uncertainty in relation to the procurement of heat (rather than fuel) in Ireland through Energy Supply contracts (ESCO) More »
  • RASLRES closing conference in Åmliden, Sweden ... More »
  • RASLRES LOCAL AUTHORITY Workshop: Stimulating Bioenergy Development through County Policy and Action ... More »
  • Publication of a new Strategy for Renewable Energy in Ireland ... More »
  • RASLRES international renewable energy seminar in Skellefteå, Sweden ... More »
  • Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme Launched ... More »
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RASLRES is a unique project (in the NPP area) which aims to increase the level of deployment of renewable energy technologies in rural economies, helping faciliatate the creation of local fuel markets. More »