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RASLRES closing conference in Åmliden, Sweden

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

RASLRES Swedish partner, Norsjö Kommun, organized a conference in Sweden the 8th of October to promote local biomass and energy-efficient buildings. This was the final local event for RASLRES and the project therefore presented some of the work done and its outcomes.

The conference also prvided an opportunity for energy specialist from Hushållningssälskapet, Apoidea, Glommers Hus and the energy expert Lars Andrén to talk around how to lower energy costs, create jobs, improve the environment and strengthen the local economy through the use of local energy.

All speakers agreed that a wider use of local biomass would contribute to many positive results.

In the audience, that counted nearly 20 people a Monday evening, there were managers from local companies or municipalities and proprieties owners. Through the evening, interesting discussions took place that shows that energy is a topic that interests a lot of people. At the end, the CEO of Glommers Hus, a local construction company of energy efficient houses in cold climate (Passiv Haus), showed techniques and insulation used for new constructions.

After the evening, some very positive feed-back was given and some ideas of future development were collected.

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