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RASLRES LOCAL AUTHORITY Workshop: Stimulating Bioenergy Development through County Policy and Action

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

The Western Development Commission (WDC) hosted a RASLRES workshop for Local Authorities on Stimulating Bioenergy Development through County Policy and Action on Tuesday 25th September in Claregalway.

The aim of the workshop was to highlight RASLRES work with Local Authorities seeking to develop bioenergy in the Western Region.  It focused on issues for the development of bioenergy in different counties, covering RASLRES work on the inclusion of bioenergy in the County Development Plans, and on bioenergy resource issues particularly in relation to large biomass energy systems such as CHP.  It also covered the potential for District Heating for local authorities which was examined under RASLRES.

Three presentations were given, the first “Bioenergy and Local Authorities: contributing to bioenergy development at the Local level” by Helen McHenry (WDC) highlighted the priorities for bioenergy at local level, and possible actions to lever the benefits of bioenergy.  It also examined the place of bioenergy in County Development Plans.

Paddy Donovan (DARE) presented the findings of RASLRES studies on “Biomass Resources and the Western Region”.  These include resource profiles for counties and resource requirements and availability for each county in the context of larger biomass developments such as CHP.
“District Heating: benefits of development” was presented by Tom Bruton (Bioxl).  He gave an overview of District Heating development in Ireland and provided examples from Ireland.  Two RASLRES case studies of District Heating options in Mayo and Leitrim were discussed.

The workshop was particularly aimed at planners and local authority staff involved in energy procurement and bioenergy development.  It provided a useful opportunity for attendees to learn about the issues for bioenergy planning and development, and gain an insight into what is happening in other counties.  Following each presentation there was informal discussion among participants on their experiences, on learnings from their counties and on the role of planning in the development of bioenergy.

The workshop provided a very effective way of disseminating the work of the RASLRES  Local Authority Project.

The presentations are available for download by clicking on the links below:

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