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Set up in 2003, Action Renewables started out as a partnership between the Department of Enterprise and Investment (DETI) and the electricity company Viridian. During its first two years Action Renewables’ focus was primarily on the promotion and awareness-raising of renewable energy as a viable option for home heating and generating electricity.

Now recognised as the leading authority on renewable energy in Northern Ireland, Action Renewables has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, including our:

  • Successful renewable energy information and advice programme, assisting over 40,000 householders across Northern Ireland to date.
  • Detailed knowledge of the renewable energy resources and industry in Northern Ireland.
  • Technical knowledge and experience of the process of installing renewable energy technologies in domestic properties.
  • Independent technology monitoring information.
  • Experience of ‘hand-holding’ over 200 community groups through applications for over 400 renewable energy projects, including wind, solar thermal, photovoltaic, heat pump and biomass systems.
  • Strong relationship with the local renewable energy installer industry.

The growth of Action Renewables business and consequent enlarging staff team led to the relocation to new office accommodation at the Northern Ireland Science Park, Titanic Quarter, Belfast. Action Renewables currently has a staff team that includes programme management, engineering, environmental management, customer service and marketing.

Action Renewables is involved with RASLRES because of the project’s objectives and outputs, which run parallel with many of our own aims and principles. These include the aim of promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in our region, through the design, pilot and dissemination of optimised service products. RASLRES will also contribute to:

  • addressing fuel poverty in the NI region
  • using renewable energy as a driver of growth in remote rural communities
  • contributing to achieving regional and national renewable targets
  • reducing CO2 emissions
  • empowering rural communities
  • creating and supporting indigenous small to medium enterprises and building market confidence
  • building sustainable local markets for specific renewable energy solutions
  • ensuring a positive impact on skill levels and experience with renewables in the Northern Ireland region.

All of the objectives listed above are central to our own philosophies as a registered charity/company and have been key to our agreement to act as a partner in the RASLRES project.

Work packages

Action Renewables will act as lead partner for Work Package 2 (Policy) and Work Package 4 (Market Stimulation Models)

WP2: Policy Framework

WP2 will involve contributions from all partners, and will analyse best-practice initiatives and design a toolkit to inform local, regional and national policy development. In this way, WP2 will help inform policy-makers and rural/regional development bodies on better strategies for renewable energy take-up and rural business development.

Key actions

  1. Review relevant EU policy in relation to the development, stimulus and support of renewable energy deployment.
  2. Oversee the review and analysis of relevant local, regional and national policies in the participating nations in relation to the development, stimulus and support of renewable energy deployment.
  3. Locate strengths and weaknesses in specific policies and structures.
  4. Pinpoint gaps in policy provision.
  5. Identify best practice in relation to stimulating increased renewable energy deployment.
  6. Design a policy toolkit, which will outline best practice for policy-makers in relation to increased renewable energy use.

Outputs of WP2

  1. A review and critical analysis of relevant policies.
  2. A toolkit of policy frameworks as part of the market and industry stimulation model.
  3. The development of in-depth case studies, outlining how policy has acted to increase renewable energy deployment and market development.
  4. Preparation and submission of written policy proposals to policy-makers at EU, national, regional and local levels.

WP4: Design of Renewable Energy Stimulation Models:

Also led by Action Renewables, the aim of WP4 is to design NPP best-practice models to simulate renewable energy in rural communities. The final design will set out a number of market and industry stimulation models arising from the results of the pilot implementation and policy review that can be disseminated and implemented across the NPP area. Key outputs will include a step-by-step development and implementation approach, greenhouse gas emission and monitoring tools and links to policy initiatives needed to drive such developments.


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