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The Municipality of Norsjö is located in the inland rural area of Northern Sweden only a couple of hundred kilometres south of the Arctic Circle. The municipality is one of the smallest in Sweden, with a population of 4,400 people living in just over 1700 square kilometres. The dominant industries here are forestry and wood-products manufacturing, mining and exploration and renewable energy production.

Given the extreme winter climate with overnight low temperatures reaching -40 degrees Celsius, energy production has always been a critical element of life in Norsjö and its neighbouring municipalities. Many people in the area use wood in one form or another to produce household and industrial heat and electrical energy. This region is also a rich source of hydroelectric power for Sweden and there are new wind projects in operation and thousands of new wind turbines planned for construction.

Even though Municipality of Norsjö is rich in renewable energy resources, the supply of biomass for energy is barely meeting demand (a demand that is increasing rapidly), with the potential of local supply falling short of demand during the next several years. Given that this region has a large amount of idle farm land, reed canary grass (RCG) and other suitable energy crops can create a new source of renewable biomass for energy production while increasing enterprise opportunities for farmers and other entrepreneurs. Local energy and fuel production for local consumption or even ‘export’ can contribute significantly to the overall economic health and continued viability of small rural communities in Northern Sweden.

Among other contributions, one of the municipality’s primary contributions to RASLRES will be to provide benchmarks and best practices for wood-based biomass production and use for other partners looking to increase the production and use of wood biomass for energy in their regions. The other primary contribution will be to develop a market stimulation model for RCG and to test that market stimulation model by conducting a pilot for increasing production and use of RCG as a household and small-scale industrial heating fuel.


Eleonore Hedman
Project Leader
Tel. +46-(0)70-314 67 86

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