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RASLRES, in building capacity and critical mass in the renewable energy sector of the partner regions, is seeking to achieve the following tangible project outcomes:

  • Stimulating market awareness and providing information across the supply chain (including an information campaign that will address the needs of fuel producer to end user). For more information, please visit the RASLRES Bioenergy Tool
  • Supporting the increasing market use of renewable energy – offering impartial expertise on installations or supporting feasibility studies for end users. For more information, please visit RASLRES Case Studies
  • Assisting in the development of integrated fuel supply chains – pinpointing resource-cluster areas, setting up fuel-producer groups or creating a dynamic database of regional fuel supply. For more information, please visit the RASLRES Bioenergy Tool
  • Providing a supportive policy and regulation framework, and working to identify gaps and innovations within local, regional and national levels. For more information, please visit RASLRES Publications